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Synopsis of the Addendum Of the book:
The Origin of the Universe

By Dr. Yousuf Y. Al-Sultan

Islamic Perspectives of the
Origin of the Universe

After translating the eight chapters of the book, and in a separate comprehensive chapter (chapter Nine) Dr. Al-Sultan emphasized on the “Islamic Perspectives of the Origin of the Universe”.

He emphasized that the Holy Quran stresses and encourages upon the quest of knowledge and research in all aspects of life, universe and surroundings to discover facts, and further urges humankind to propose theories and hypotheses as well as investigating and researching all aspects of sciences.

This is clearly stated in Sura Ha-Mim (Abbreviated Letters, or Ha-Mim, or Fussilat; Aya 53 that:

*  Soon will We show them
    Our Signs in the (furthest)
    Regions (of the earth), and
   In their own souls, until
   It becomes manifest to them
   That this is the Truth.
   Is it not enough that
   Thy Lord doth witness
   All things?

In this chapter, the author of the addendum derives support from earlier studies for the understanding and comprehension of the Holy Quran.

In answering the question: What is the Universe? Dr. Al-Sultan emphasizes the scientific, and recent interpretation of the following Ayas:

First: Sura An-Nur, or Light, Aya 43:

*   Seest thou not that Allah
    Makes the clouds move
    Gently, then joins them
    Together, then makes them
    Into a heap? –Then wilt thou
    See rain issue forth
    From their midst. And He
   Sends down from the sky
   Mountain masses (of clouds)
   Wherein is hail: He strikes
   Therewith whom He pleases
   And He turns it away
   From whom He pleases
   The vivid flash of His lightning
   Well-nigh blinds the sight.

Second: Sura Abasa or He Frowned – Ayas 24 till 32:

*  Then let man look
    At his Food,
    (And how We provide it):

*   For that We pour forth
     Water in abundance,

*   And We split the earth
    In Fragments,

*  And produce there in Corn

*  And Grapes and nutritious Plants

*  And Olives and Dates,

*  And enclosed Gardens,
    Dense with lofty trees,

*  And Fruits and Fodder,

*  For use and convenience
    For you and your cattle.

Third: Sura Al-Haj, or The Pilgrimage, Aya 5:

*  O mankind! if ye have
   A doubt about the Resurrection,
   (Consider) that We created you
   Out of dust, then out of
   Sperm, then out of a leech-like
   Clot, then out of a morsel
   Of flesh, partly formed
   And partly unformed, in order
   That We may manifest
   (Our power) to you;
   And We cause whom We will
   To rest in the wombs
   For an appointed term,
   Then do We bring you out
   As babes, then (foster you)
   That ye may reach your age
   Of full strength; and some
   Of you are called to die,
   And some are sent back
   To the feeblest old age,
   So that they know nothing
   After having known (much).
   And (further), thou seest
   The earth barren and lifeless,
   But when We pour down
   Rain on it, it stirred
   (To life), it swells,
   And it puts forth every kind
   Of beautiful growth (in pairs).

Fourth: Sura Ash-Shu’araa, or The Poets , Aya 7:

*  Do they not look
   At the earth, -how many
   Noble things of all kinds
   We have produced there in?

Refering to the creation of the skies, the sun, stars, the earth and the moon; the author of the addendum cites the following from the Holy Quran:

1. Sura Qaf, Aya 6:

*  Do they not look
   At the sky above them? –
   How We have made it
   And adorned it,
   And there are no
   Flaws in it?

2. Sura Al-Furqan or The Criterion, Ayas 45 and 46:

*  Hast thou not turned
   Thy vision to thy Lord? –
    How He doth prolong
   The Shadow! If He willed,
   He could make it stationary!
   Then do We make
   The sun its guide;

*  Then We draw it in
   Towards Ourselves, -
   A contraction by easy stages.

3- Sura Al-Waqia or The Inevitable Event, Ayas 75 and 76:

*  Furthermore I call
   To witness the settings
   Of the Stars, -

* And that is indeed
  A mighty adjuration
  If ye but knew, -

4- Sura Al-Dukhan, or Smoke (or Mist), Ayas 38 and 39:

*  We created not
   The heavens, the earth,
   And all between them,
   Merely in (idle) sport;

*  We created them not
   Except for just ends;
   But most of them
   Do not understand.

5- In Sura Yunus or Jonah, Aya 5:

*  It is He who made the sun
   To be a shining glory
   And the moon to be a light
   (Of beauty), and measured out
   Stages for her, that ye might
   Know the number of years
   And the count (of time).
   Nowise did Allah create this
   But in truth and righteousness.
   (Thus) doth He explain His Signs
   In detail, for those who understand.

Dr. Al-Sultan further illustrated-beyond doubt- that the Holy Quran has refered to the origin of the Universe – as claimed in interpretations of the following Ayas.

1. Sura Al-Ankabut, or The Spider, Ayas 19 and 20:

*   See they not how Allah
    Originates creation, then
    Repeats it: truly that
    Is easy for Allah.

*  Say: “Travel through the earth
    And see how Allah did
    Originate creation; so will
    Allah produce a later creation;
    For Allah has power
    Over all things.

2. Sura Al-Mulk, or Dominion, Ayas from 1 to 4:

*  Blessed be He
    In Whose hands
    Is Dominion;
   And He over all things
   Hath Power; -

*  He who created Death
   And Life, that He
   May try which of you
   Is best in deed:
   And He is the Exalted
   In Might, Oft – Forgiving; -

*  He Who created
   The seven heavens
   One above another:
   No want of proportion
   Wilt thou see
   In the Creation
   Of (Allah) Most Gracious.
   So turn thy vision again:
   Seest thou any flaw?

* Again turn thy vision
  A second time: (thy) vision
  Will come back to thee
  Dull and discomfited,
  In a state worn out.

3. Sura Al-Baqarah or The Heifer, Ayas 115 till 117:

*  To Allah belong the East
   And the West: withersoever
   Ye turn, there is the Presence,
   Of Allah For Allah is All-Pervading,

*  They say: “Allah hath begotten
    A son”: Glory be to Him. –Nay,
    To Him belongs all
    That is in the heavens
    And on earth: everything
    Renders worship to Him.
    To Him is due

*   The primal origin
    Of the heavens and the earth:
    When He decreeth a matter,
    He saith to it: “Be”,
    And it is.

4- Sura Al-Hijr, or The Rocky Tract, Ayas from 14 to 18:

*   Even if We opened out to them
    A gate from heaven,
    And they were to continue
   (All day) ascending therein,
*   They would only say:
    “Our eyes have been intoxicated:
     Nay, we have been bewitched
     By Sorcery”.

*   It is We who have set out
    The Zodiacal Signs in the heavens
    And made them fair–seeming
    To (all) beholders;

*   And (moreover) We have guarded them
    From every evil spirit accursed:

*   But any that gains a hearing
    By stealth, is pursued
    By flaming fire, bright (to see).

5- Sura Saba, or The City of Saba, Aya 9:

*   See they not what is
    Before them and behind them,
    Of the sky and the earth?
    If We wished, We could
   Cause the earth to swallow
   Them up, or cause a piece
   Of the sky to fall upon them.
   Verily in this is a Sign
   For every devotee that
   Turns to Allah (in repentance).

The initiation of the universe by creating heavens and earth and hence the creation of sun and moon and other galaxies which was described scientifically by “The Big Bang” was emphasized and described in the Holy Quran more than fourteen centuries ago.

Such events and creation of mountains are presented in the Sura Al-Anbiyaa (or The Prophets), Ayas from 30 to 33.

*   Do not the Unbelievers see
    That the heavens and the earth
    Were joined together (as one
    Unit of Creation), before
    We clove them asunder?
    We made from water
    Every living thing. Will they
    Not then believe?

*   And We have set on the earth
    Mountains standing firm,
    Lest it should shake with them,
    And We have made therein
    Broad highways (between mountains)
    For them to pass through:
    That they may receive guidance.

*  And We have made
   The heavens as a canopy
   Well guarded: yet do they
   Turn away from the Signs
   Which these things (point to)!

*  It is He Who created
   The Night and the Day,
   And the sun and the moon:
   All (the celestial bodies)
   Swim along, each in its
   Rounded Course.

All the previosly mentioned, and much more is a solid, great evidence that the Holy Quran is from God.

There is no contradiction between the Quranic citations and the latest scientific discoveries – and there will not be at any time till the end of the Universe.

The comprehensiveness, deep-insight, and good command of the commentators and translators makes reading the holy book-especially the addendum-a good mental journey and a marvelous mind adventure.