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How to become a Muslim

Holy Quran Holy Quran : Scientific Facts Revealed in the Glorious Qur'an, Holy Qur'an Resources On The Internet, The Qur'an And Modern Science, Quranic Psychology and more .....

HadithHadith: Hadith Qudsi, Traditional Hadiths, Mutawatir (Genuine) Hadiths, Marfu (Traceable) etc...

Islamic CivilizationIslamic Civilization: Features of Unity, Islamic Civilization in Asia, Political Entities in the Western Islamic World, Characterstics, Language & Grammar Studies, Culture Contact, Sicily and Syria etc......

Prayer times: Learn Qiblah direction and prayer timing for your city anywhere in the world.

Date Converter: Convert any Gregorian date into a Hijri date and vice versa.

Islamic Cards: Send a beautiful Islamic card to your friend or relative.

Islamic Dictionary: More than 55,000 Islamic terms in three languages.


The Miraculous Nature of the Qur'an

An Enlightening Commentary into the Light of Holy Qur'an

Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International - Comparative Religion: The Qur’an was revealed in the seventh century...

The Islamic Response to the Secular Educational System

Revelation of Holy Qur'an

Scientists on the Holy Qur'an

Islamic LinksIslamic Links: International Institute of Islamic Medicine (IIIM) Web page, Islamic Medical Association of NOrth America (IMA) Web page, Islamic Medical Association of South Africa, Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences (IOMS), Kuwai, . and more ....

Islamic PilgrimageIslamic Festilvals
Holy Month of Ramadan (Eid Al-Fitr) and Islamic Pilgrimage Hajj & Festival of Eid Al-Ad'ha: "Hajj" is one of the "five pillars" of the Islamic faith. (The other "Pillars" include a declaration of faith, daily prayers, offering regular charity, and fasting during the month of Rmadan). Hajj ......

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Zakah: Learn different rules issues related to Zakah, the third pillar of Islam.

Calculation of Zakah: An easy way to calculate your Zakah.

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Islam and Women's Rights

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