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A set of Links to the Islamic Medical Associations
  • International Institute of Islamic Medicine (IIIM) Web page
  • Islamic Medical Association of NOrth America (IMA) Web page
  • Islamic Medical Association of South Africa
  • Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences (IOMS), Kuwait.
  • Islamic Medical Association Electronic Mailing LIst
  • The International Association of Muslim Psychologists
  • Muslim Educational Trust (MET)
  • Association of Muslim Researchers (AMR)
  • Council of American Muslim Professionals (CAMP)
  • North American Association of Muslim Professionals and Scholars
  • USC Muslim Students Association Islamic Server
  • Institute for the Restoration of Science
  • IMPO - International Muslim Pharmaceuticals Orgnaization
  • Medical Links at IslamiCity
  • The Health Corner of The Muslim Marketplace
  • Health A to Z (general health searching engine)
  • Muslim Doctors and Dentists Association (MDDA), UK.
  • Council on American - Islamic Relations (CAIR).