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I. Features of Unity in the Islamic Civilization:

a.   Pre Islamic Civlization
b.  Emergence & Spread of Islam
c.  The Major Conquest & Spread of Islam

d.  Islamic Civilization in Asia:

The Kipchak Mongols North of the Balck Sea

II. Political Entities in the Western Islamic World

III. Characterstics of Islamic Civilisation
IV. Language & Grammar Studies

V. Culture Contact between the Islamic East and the  European West.

1.   Spain :

2.  Sicily

3.  Syria


Islamic Heritage Islamic Architecture A Brief Chronology of Muslim History
Muslim Contributions to the World Translations of Muslim Scientific Books into Latin and Other European Languages Muslim Scientists, Mathematicians and Astronomer & Physicians
Renaissance How Islam Influenced Science The Rightly-Guided Caliphs
Early Islamic History Quotations on Islamic Civilization A History of Aleppo and Damascus in the Early Middle Age [635-1260]