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The centre consists of the following:

1. The Mosque:

It has a magnificient Islamic architecture with a dome the inside of which is painted with golden Islamic designs while the outside surface is gilded.  The mosque itself is a three-storeyed building.  The ground storey is for male mosque-goers with adequate space for 1500 men.  The large carpet on the floor has similar designs as those ornamenting the inside surface of the dome above. 

The second storey is for the praying of females, with a lift leading up to it as well as stairs on both sides.   The third storey is set aside for the air-condition equipment.  Opening into it are six doors of copper ornamented with hand-made engravings. The minaret rises 45 metres out of a pool of water, with a gilded upper tip.  On both sides of the mosque, there are ablution facilities for men and women.The mosque is connected to the main centre with corridors   designed in the Islamic fashion.  Between the mosque and the centre there are four, Islamically designed fountains.

2.  The Medical Centre:

The Medical Centre consists of the following:

1.  The Main Entrance

On the right there is a waiting room for the out-patient clinics, and on the left there is the library.

2.  The Right Wing

It contains out-patient clinics for the treatment of diseases designated by the Centre.  At the moment these clinics offer treatment for 13 kinds of diseases to patients amounting to 38,921.

3.  The Left Wing:

It contains a large library with thousands of books on Islamic jurisprudence, medicine, pharmaceutics and other relevant sciences.

4.  The second floor comprises the management offices and a conference room for the meetings of the IOMS Council of Trustees.


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