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Many disasters occur to Muslims around the world in war as well as in peace. Some institutions here and there come to their rescue with the Red Crescent topping the list of rescuers.

Relief is of many kinds:Material, such as food, blankets, shelters and money. Medical, such as equipment and medicines. Manpower, such as doctors and their assistants.

The Need for Manpowers: Each disaster area requires a doctors and assistants in terms of quality and numbers.  Each Red Crescent, or organization equip a number of  straight for the disaster area. The need according to the time or place of the demand for manpower may be more organization can afford. On the  available and actually dispatched be far more than required. So, it turn to the disaster area. In view of these  relief must be well organized and  co-ordinated.

In the Islamic world, there are many Muslim doctors in various fields of specialization who are quite willing to volunteer for rescue work and treatment of victims of wars or natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, etc. These do not know where to go, to whom they should write, how to get to a given disaster area, if there is a need for them, and, if they get there, will they find accommodation, food and transportation? Besides, if they do write they get no reply. Some settle for silence. Others risk the trip to the disaster area. They may find out that they have done the right thing; they are actually needed. But they may also discover that they have wasted the trip; they are not needed.

Therefore, required relief should be announced by one, central, international, Islamic, medical relief  organization which concerts efforts.
-This organization should be in contact with the various areas where disaster occurs and should assess their requirements.
-It should also be in contact with volunteering doctors and assistants.
-It should serve as an information bank.
-It should reply in writing in every possible way to both victims an volunteers.

Why the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences?

1. International.
2. Neutral (non-aligned).
3. Respectable.
4. Scientifically oriented.
5. Has members in all countries in the five continents.
6. Keeps a record of the names of doctors who are most enthusiastic about Islam and Islamic medicine.
7. Innermost of its material and spiritual objectives is to promote Islamic medicine and introduce it to the people.             
8. Has an excellent administrative staff: an internationally known Chairman; an active and; competent Secretary General; a well-organized  Secretariate; telex, telephone and postal services.