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Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences [IOMS]




IOMS members will be classified into three categories:

Honorary members:

The notable Muslim personalities selected by the Board of Trustees for their potential use to the Organization or because of remarkable services they have rendered to it.

Active members:

a) Natural or legal persons, who are natives of the base country, contributing efforts or money to the activities of the IOMS.
b) Muslim personalities who are interested in Islamic Medicine in the world.
c) Representatives of the medical societies or centers, allover the world, which join the IOMS.


Representatives of medical societies or centers or other interested parties not included in the above categories.

The procedure for obtaining membership is to submit an application to the Board of Trustees, wherein the prospective member pledges to abide by the IOMS rules and regulations. Membership is effective from the date of the Board's approval.

IOMS Machinery consists of:

a) The Board of Trustees.
b) The Executive Committe.
c) The General Secretariate.

Board of Trustees:

a) The Board of Trustees is to be formed from a number of members not exceeding 25.
b) The term of membership in the Board is four years which may be renewed more than once.   Membership in the Board may also be terminated at any time by a decision issued by the Board, if the member concerned violates his  duties or forefeits one of the conditions stipulated for membership.
c) The first Board of Trustees is to be formed from members of the Committee charged with following up the resolutions and recommendations of the First International Conference on Islamic Medicine, held in Kuwait on Rabie 1, 1401 Hijri (January 1981 A. D .), in addition to a number of personalities upon their nomination by the IOMS President and the approval of the above mentioned Committee.
d) The first Board of Trustees is to lay down the rules of the Board's formation and set the conditions for its membership and renewal of the membership. The Board membership may not be granted except to Islamic personalities who are interested in the role of Islam in the field of medical sciences and who support the mission and principles of the IOMS.

Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees:

1. Drawing up work plans together with the necessary implementation programmes, in pursuit of the IOMS purposes.
2. Doing whatever is necessary to consolidate the Organization and propagate its objectives in the whole world.
3. Convening conferences, seminars and workshops in the field of Islamic Medicine, preparing their agendas and following up the implementation of their recommendations.
4. Proposing topics for scientific research in the field of Islamic Medicine, announcing them, supervising work on them and making evaluations of these researches.
5. Setting the criteria on the basis of which scholarships and incentive prizes in the field of Islamic research are granted
6. Setting the conditions and procedures of accepting and termination membership of IOMS for the active members and associates, and defining their rights and duties.
7. Approving the annual reports about the Organization's activities.
8. Approving the IOMS annual budget.

9. Approving the IOMS administrative and financial regulations.
10. Forming specialized committees to conduct studies on whatever is deemed necessary for the attainment of the IOMS purposes.
11. Taking the necessary decisions and measures for the attainment of the IOMS purposes.
12. Other powers accorded to the Board by the provisions of this Constitution.

The Board Meetings:

The Board is to convene twice a year at least. A minimum of 50% of the total number of its members will form the quorum of these meetings, provided the President or a representative of his choice from the Board members attends, The Board may also hold special meetings, if called by the President or requested by one third at least, of the Board  members.

Decisions will be adopted by a majority of votes. In case of a tie, the president's vote for either side will be the decisive factor .

The IOMS President:

The Board of Trustees will elect a President for the IOMS from among the active members who are natives of the base country. His term of office is four years, which is renewable.

The IOMS President is to supervise the affairs of the Organization and represent it at the administrative and judicial quarters as well as the international organizations. He may delegate some of his responsibilities to the Secretary General or to others of his choice. If the post of the president becomes vacant for any reason, the IOMS Secretary General will call the Board to a meeting for the purpose of charging one of the Board members with assuming the responsibilities of the President pending the election of a new one.

The Executive Committee:

This is formed from the President and three members of the Board of Trustees, elected by the Board for a renewable 4-years term.

The Executive Committee will undertake to follow up the IOMS progress of work and take the necessary measures in this regard. It will also make the necessary decisions, concerning any urgent matters that may come up. The minutes of its meetings are to be presented to the Board of Trustees.

The Committee will convene at least three times a year, at the call of the President, whenever it is deemed necessary. The attendance of two members, besides the President, will form the necessary  quorum.

The IOMS General Secretariate:

It is to be formed from a Secretary General, aided  by an assistant and a number of experts, technical specialists and administrative staff . The General Secretariate is to be considered the executive machinery of the IOMS and is to be responsible for the following:-
1- The implementation of the resolutions and recommendations of the Board of Trustees and the Exeuctive Committee.
2- Preparing studies requested by the Board of Trustees.
3- Preparing the necessary documents related to the convention of the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee, references and seminars, and carrying out the secretariate work  during their sessions.
4- Sending meeting invitations to the specialized committees formed by the Board of Trustees,  preparing their agendas and the minutes of their meetings.
5- Making the necessary contacts with the specialized international organizations and other parties concerned with the IOMS activities:
6- Preparing annual and periodic reports about the IOMS activities and submitting them to the Board of Trustees for approval.
7- Preparing the annual draft budget of the IOMS and submitting it to the Board of Trustees for approval.
8- Proposing draft administrative and financial regulations and submitting them to the Board of Trustees for approval.

The Secretary General:

He is to be appointed by the IOMS President, upon the approval by the Board of Trustees. His term of office will be four years, which is renewable. He must be a native of the base country and should  have interest in the Islamic medical sciences.

The Secretary General is accountable to the IOMS President and the Board of Trustees for discharging the duties assigned to the IOMS general secretariate. He is authorized to supervise the administrative and financial affairs approved by the Board of Trustees. He attends the sessions of the Board as a rapporteur without any right to vote in the process of decision making.

Assistant Secretary General, Experts, Advisors and Staff:

These are to be appointed by the IOMS President  on proposals submitted by the Secretary General.  The President may delegate to the Secretary General, the power to appoint certain categories of employees.