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Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences [IOMS]





1.  Reviving the Islamic teachings related to the treatment of various physical and mental diseases; modernizing the researches and studies made by Muslim medical pioneers in the light of modern technological advances and applying them in a modern scientific way for the service of mankind.

2.  Linking the medical studies and the dealings between the members of the medical profession working at the centre to the values underlying the Islamic civilization, teachings and Sharia; educating the young generation about its Islamic heritage in this field as they visit the centre for medical help.

This is meant to lead to unifying the scientific and Islamic ethical concepts for medical professions.

3.  It is our duty to call attention for the fact that Islam has got the means for good health which exceed any that may be found in any programme, old or new, of these we may mention hygiene, cleanliness, sport, bathing, praying fasting, etc. which have been referred to in the Holy Quran.

4.  Our Therapeutic Duties: Treating patients suffering from certain diseases chosen by the Centre:

These diseases are:

a.  Allergic rhinitis
b.  Chronic sinusitis
c.  Chronic bronchitis
d.  Rheumatoid arthritis
e.  Diabetes
f.  Urinary tract infection
g.  Peptic and duodenal ulcers
h.  Hyperacidity
j.  Migraine
i.  Vitiligo
j.  Constipation
k.  Hyperlipemia
l.   Impaired liver

Work has expanded to cover a large section of the Kuwaiti society.  We even receive Arab patients coming from other Gulf countries.

Thus, the Centre is the only one in the world that has combined methods of modern medicine with treatment by herbal drugs; for it uses all the sophisticated means of diagnosis and technological advances in the service of the patient besides treating him by medicinal plants and herbs.  It is our pleasure to say that Allah has granted us success in relieving pain and curing thousands of citizens.