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1)  World Health Organization:

The WHO selected the Centre of Islamic Medicine (CIM) in Kuwait to be a regional centre for training and research work.  Jointly, the WHO and the CIM held two seminars in Kuwait.  The first was on introducing medicinal plants to the field of primary health care.  The seminar resulted in recommending the introduction of fifty-two plants into this field.  The second seminar culminated into laying down the draft law on the requirements for the safety and registeration of herbal drugs.  It was the first time that such a law could emerge at universal level.

Furthermore, it was due to close cooperation between WHO and CIM that a resolution was reached to prevent the use of alcohol in the pharmaceutical preparations used by children and pregnant women as a step towards total elimination of this material from all drugs.

2)  Al-Azhar Al-Shareef:

His Eminence Sheikh Al-Azhar was invited to attend the Fourth International Conference on Islamic Medicine held in Karachi.  Earlier, representatives of Al-Azhar had been invited to participate in the seminars held by the IOMS to concert efforts in the field of medical Jurisprudence.

3) The Academy of Islamic Jurisprudence in Jedda:

Co-ordination has been complete between the two parties to avoid redundancy and to come to full agreement on the topics put forward for discussion with a view to reaching unified opinions that may be of benefit to Muslims.  His Eminence the Secretary General of the Academy had also attended the Karachi Conference.

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