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Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences [IOMS]

The Islamic Guide to Medical Jurisprudence


"The Islamic Guide to Medical Jurisprudence" is one of the publications issued by the IOMS in the framework of its dealing with the Islamic legal aspects of medical practice.

The book offers to the reader simplified explanations of what a Muslim patient should do concerning the worhsips he has to perform.   The body has been classified according to its organs and the diseases that may attack each of them with notes about the symptoms of these diseases and about ways of curing them through oral, anal or injectional means. 

This is followed by giving the Islamic legal opinion about each case in a clear and simple language.  Legal terms which might prove difficult to understand by the layman are deliberately avoided.

  The first part of the Guide deals with the digestive system in the human body and diseases it is liable to suffer from.

The IOMS was keen to make it clear that the Guide is not an alternative for contacting learned men of religon and asking for their advice.   It only helps those who cannot do so for one reason or another.

These provisions should be known to both the Muslim patient and to the Muslim doctor so that they may rest assured about the right performance of the enjoined rituals of Islam.

The purpose of issuing this Guide in general is to point out the Islamic legal provisions concerning certain exemptions and permissible exceptions in the performance of worships in the case of illness.

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