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Abstracts - brief text of the papers presented in the Seminar

1. The Integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicine with Mainstream Medicine: An Islamic and Cultural Point of View.
- Dr. Ezzeddin Ibrahim (U.A.E.)

2. Integrating Traditional & Complementary Medicine into National Healthcare: Learning from the International Experience.
- Prof. Gerard Bodeker (U.K.)

3. Traditional Medicine and Its Challenges at the turn of the New Millennium.
- Dr. Kin Shein (Japan)

4. An overview of Traditional Medicine (Complementary/ Alternative medicine) with special reference to EMR Countries.
- Dr. Ahmed Regai El-Gindy (Kuwait)

5. Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
- Dr. Howard Hall (U.S.A.)
6. Medicine as Science and Healing Art: Toward Holistic Care by Integrative Medicine.
- Dr. Koshiro Otsuka (Japan)
7. Mind-Body Medicine: Magic or Truth and Its Power for Healing.
- Dr. James S. Gordon (U.S.A.)
8. Spiritual Dimensions in Healing in Islamic Medicine.
- Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed (U.S.A.)
9. Why Alternative Medicine? What Conventional Medicine Can Learn from CAM.
- Dr. Andrew T. Weil (U.S.A.)

10. Key Issues for Better Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Conventional (Modern) Medicine: Understanding Infrastructure of TCM System in Terms of Modern Medical Knowledge.
- Prof. Il-Moo Chang (Korea)


11. Regional Policy of Legislation of Traditional Medicine.
- Dr. Peter J. Graaff (Egypt)

12. Effectiveness of TRM from a Policy Formulation Perspective.
- Prof. Vinjar Fonnebo (Norway)

13. Cost Effectiveness of Traditional Medicine.
- Dr. Adrian White (U.K.)

14. Research Methods and Efficacy Evaluation in Non-conventional Medicine.
- Prof. Emilio Minelli (Italy)
15. The Use of Clinical Trails as a Measurement of Efficacy in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
- Mr. Paul McCarthy (Ireland)

16. What is "Traditional Use Evidence"?
- Dr. Karin Kraft (Germany)

17. Ganoderma Lucidum: the Mushroom and its Spore.
- Dr. Hu Hai-Yan (Switzerland)

18. Issues of Quality, Safety and Efficacy in the Scientific Integration of Herbal Medicine into Modern Medical Practices.
- Prof. Ikhlas A. Khan (U.S.A.)

19. Regulations and Legislation for Herbal and Traditional Medicinal Products in the European Union.
- Dr. Konstantin Keller (Germany)
20. Regulations and Legislations of the Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Gulf States...general look.
- Dr. Abdullah Ibin Muhammad Al Bedah (K.S.A.)
21. National Policies and Regulations on Integration - the United States' Experience.
- Dr. Alan Dumoff (U.S.A.)
22. Registration and Legislation of Traditional Medicines Practitioners in India.
- Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal (India)

23. Policies and Programmes of Integration and Mainstreaming of Indigenous Systems of Medicine in India.
- Prof. Anis Ahmad Ansari (India)

24. An Overview of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
- Ms. Nancy A. Hazleton (U.S.A.)


25. Status of Traditional Medicine in Pakistan and Its Academic and Scientific Value.
- Hakim Abdul Hannan (Pakistan)


26. Experience of Saudi Arabia in the Legislation of Herbal Medicine.
- Prof. Mansour S. Al-Said (K.S.A.)


27. How the Traditional Medicine is Supportive in Conventional Medicine? Herbal Medicine and Experience of Egypt for Herbal Legislation.
- Prof. Mohammed Younis Haggag (Egypt)


28. Iranian Traditional Medicine, Past and Present.
- Dr. M. Mosaddegh (Iran)

29. Prospects of Traditional Medicine in Pakistan.
- Prof. Anwar-ul Hassan Gilani (Pakistan)
30. Ethical Issues of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TCM) and Registration Requirements for Practitioners - the Malaysian experience.
- Dr. Narimah Awin (Malaysia)
31. Complementary Medicine; Medical Ethics.
- Dr. Aly Bayoumi Hammad (Egypt)
32. Equity as an Ethical Issue in Traditional Medicine.
- Prof. John H. Bryant (U.S.A.)