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Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences [IOMS]

After reviewing articles 12, 14 & 15 of the Constitution, and the Law No. 18/1984 concerning the establishment of IOMS, and on account of what  the Minister of Health has submitted and upon the approval of the Council of Ministers, we have  decreed:


The IOMS aims to achieve the following:

1. To survive the doctrines of the Islamic Religion relating to the treatment of and protection against various physical and psychological ailments. The Organization also aims to revive  Islamic heritage in the domain through a re-reading of researches and studies carried out by the pioneer Muslim physicians in the light of modern technological advances in an attempt to find scientifically based applications of these studies for the service of mankind.

2. To encourage research workers in the field of Islamic medical sciences and concert medical and juristic viewpoints with a view to reach a common ground on controversial medical and legal issues in the application of recent medical findings and providing alternative drugs and methods of treatment to those prohibited in Islam.

3. To co-operate with national and international organizations and societies adopting the same-purpose of IOMS and help them propagate their vocation in the best possible way, and to encourage the formation of new centers and societies with similar aims, doing whatever is necessary to get them join the IOMS.

4. To establish health centers for the needy Muslims in the world.

5. For enlightening the young Muslim generation, to seek and link the educational programmes, particularly in the field of Medicine, to the Islamic heritage and values upon which Islamic civilization, teachings and tolerant Juridprudence (Sharia) have been based.

6. To unify, publish and propagate scientific terms and Islamic moral concepts for the medical professions.

7. To co-ordinate efforts exerted in the field of  health services in the Islamic World.