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The Fourth International Conference
on Islamic Medicine

It was held in Karachi during the period from Rabiul Awwal 7 to 11, 1407 Hijri (November 9 to 13, 1986) under the patronage of President Mohammad Zia-Ul Haq of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and at the invitation of Hakim Mohammad Said, Chairman of Hamdard Foundation. The conference was presided over by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mohammad Khan Junejo.

Attending the conference were a large crowd of eminent scholars and medical scientists coming from all parts of the world. They soon engaged in seminars, lectures and discussions of papers about Tibbul-Nabawi tradition, Islam and preventive medicine, prevention in Islam, applied aspects in Islamic medicine, prohibitions in Islam, Islamic heritage in the field of medicinal plants, the role of the Muslim ,doctor, and medical jurisprudence.

 In its recommendations, the conference stressed the importance of child care in the light of Islamic teachings and called for the issuance of an Islamic Declaration of Child Rights as they are provided for in the Islamic teachings. There was also a recommendation to protect the youth from the wide-spread harms caused by such prohibited materials as liquors and drugs, and to consolidate Islamic ties within the family as well.as within the whole society.

A special attention was given to the spiritual dimension in medical applications and to the necessity of injecting the programmes of medical education with whatever helps to prepare the Muslim doctor to serve Islam and work for the good of humanity.

The conference wished to see concerted efforts in the study of Islamic medical jurisprudence to avert discrepancies in opinions and to help maintain a unified stance. It praised the efforts exerted by the IOMS in holding its seminars and called for compiling and classifying all the authenticated Traditions (Hadith) which are related to health and medicine. It also called for preparing comprehensive indices for the manuscripts of the Islamic medical heritage.

The conference asserted the pioneering efforts made by the IOMS, both locally and internationally, to rid man of the hazards of alcohol and to dispense with it in the manufacture of drugs. The IOMS was also commended on issuing its project for registering and monitoring the quality of pharmaceutical preparations.

It was set on record that the conference appreciated Kuwait's support for the movement of Islamic medicine

The Fifth International Conference on Islamic Medicine: was held in Cairo at the invitation extended by the Medical Association in Egypt to host the conference in November, 1988.



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