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The Third International Conference
on Islamic Medicine

As recommended by the Second International Conference on Islamic Medicine held in Kuwait, and at the invitation extended by the Republic of Turkey, the Third International Conference on Islamic Medicine was held in Istanbul during the period from Muharram 3 to Muharram 7, 1405 Hijri (September 28 to October 2, 1984) under the patronage of theTurkish President, Kan'an Evrin. The conference was presided over by the ,Turkish Prime Minister, Turgut Ozal.

The Third Conference on Islamic Medicine assumed a special importance after the Isamic Organization for Medical Sciences (IOMS) had taken its final legal shape and started full-swing work in accordance with its defined aims and constitution. A full run down of the IOMS activities since the previous conference was presented by its president, Kuwait's Minister of Public Health, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Awadi.

The importance of this Third Conference was also due to the fact that it was held, for the first time, outside Kuwait which had initiated these Islamic  scientific meetings. Meanwhile, interest in the subject of Islamic medicine had been growing in several places, which meant that what had been sown in the soil of Kuwait was beginning to bear fruit.

The Third Conference included the following:

-A lecture on the influence of Islamic civilization  on the European civilization during the Renaisance;
-Papers on the contributions made by the Islamic civilization in the field of medical sciences;
-A lecture on "Medicine in Islam: between Sharia and Practice".
-The papers read in the conference tackled the following topics:

The extent to which Islamic teachings are effective in maintaining public health, both for the individual and for the whole society;

-Diseases that spread as a result on non-lslamic behaviour;

- Breast-feeding in Islam;

- Medicinal plants mentioned by Muslim scientists and the clinical studies conducted on such plants;

- Mental diseases and how they are treated in Islam;

- Alcohol and the diseases resulting from it.

In the recommendations made by the conference, the Republic of Turkey was greatly thanked for hosting the conference; the IOMS was commended on the specialized seminars it had held; the need was expressed for setting up an academic jurisprudent body to provide the Islamic nation with the right opinions concerning medical innovations and to compile comprehensive health data about the Islamic World.  There was also the need for a radical revision of preventive and social medicine as well as psychiatry in the light of Islamic teachings, and the necessity of basing medical courses at the various schools of medicine on Islam.

The Third International Conference on Islamic Medicine also recommended the compilation of a traditional medical dictionary containing full information about the most outstanding Muslim men of medicine; showing ways of benefiting from medicinal plants and herbs through seminars; and working out programmes to find facts about youth problems and difficulties with a view to solving them for safeguarding the future of the Islamic nation.

The conference stressed the importance of bolstering the efforts made by the IOMS especially in the fields of writing and translation within its spheres of interest, and of offering study courses in the specialisms mostly required by the Islamic world.

The Third Conference did not neglect, in its concluding recommendations, setting on record deep appreciation for the efforts made by Kuwait:  Amir, government and people, towards adopting the IOMS, issuing its laws and regulations as well as the special decree of its constitution, and supporting its activities.