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Islamic Medicine - Its Prospects

What is Islamic Medicine? - by Dr. Ahmed EI-Kadi, U.S.A.

The Islamic View of Medicine - by Ibrahim EI-Sayyad, Kuwait

The Islamic Medicine: Its Role in the Western Renaissance -Dr. Hijazi Abdul Rahim.

Abstracts of Contribution of Islamic Medicine to Urology - by Dr. A.M. Dajani, JORDAN

Islamic Medicine in the Kingdom of Aragon in the Early Fourteenth Century - by Prof. Michael McVaugh, U.S.A.

Burning Mirrors and the Perspective - by Prof. Rushdi Rashed, FRANCE

Islamic Materiae Medicae and their Influence upon the west: A study of some aspects - by Hakim Mohammed Said and Dr. Kamal Mohammad Habib, PAKISTAN

Islamic Scientific History: Where to Next? - by Prof. Allen G. Debus, U.S.A.

The influence of islamic civilization on european civilization during the renaissance period in the field of medicine or its allied subject - by Prof. Dr. A. Mottaleb, BANGLADESH

Roger Bacon's Science of Experience - by Prof. Eric G. Forbes, U.K.

Anaesthesia in Islamic Medicine and its Influence on Western Civilization - by Prof. Dr. M. Taha Jasser, SYRIA

Pairing in Living Things - Prof. Dr. M.N. Saadi and Prof. Dr. Tawfik Tamimi, SAUDI ARABIA

Medicine in Islam Through Jurisdiction, Practice and Planning - by Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Kamel

1st International Conference on "Islamic Medicine"

2nd International Conference on "Islamic Medicine"

3rd International Conference on "Islamic Medicine"

4th International Conference on "Islamic Medicine"

Islamic Medical Manuscripts