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A History of Muslim Pharmacy

nterieur d'une pharmacie medievale
Page d'une traduction arabe de la Materia medica de Dioscoride.
Bagdad, 1224. (New York, Metroolitan Museum of Art).

Pharmaceutical Contributions During the Third/Ninth Century

Arabic Alchemy and Toxicology in the Third/Ninth Century

Arabic Alchemy During the Fourth/Tenth Century

The Final Stage in Medieval Arabic Pharmacy

The Pharmacy and Materia Medica of Al-Biruni and Al-Ghafiqi - A Comparison

Al-Biruni's as-Saydanah and al-Ghafiqi's al-Jami

The Contributions of Islamic Pharmacy to Europe and Comparative Study of Medical Aspects Relating to Christian and Muslim Civilization in Meddle Ages - by Doc. Dr. Ali Haydar Bayat, TURKEY

Quality Control: Past and Present - by Prof. Dr. M. Zuhair Al-Baba

Life and Time of al-Biruni and al-Ghafiq

Al-Biruni and His work

Al-Biruni and al-Ghafiqi in the Balance

Al-Ghafiqi and His al-Jami

Al-Ghafiqi's Ambition, Approach, and Motivation

Salient Features of the Two Manuals

Concluding Remark