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1. Narcotics, Psychotropic Drugs - Its Hazardous to New Generation (Recommendations of the Sixth International Conference held by Islamic Organizationfor Medical Sciences (IOMS), in Istanbul, Turkey from August 29 - September 1, 1998.)

2. WHO Announces the Holding of Public Hearings on the Global Tobacco Control Convention, and Invites Interested Parties Including the Tobacco Industry to Testify (Source: Press Release WHO/35, 18 May 2000)

3. Bulletin of the World Health Organization: The International Journal of Public Health

4. Together Against Tobacco - The Proceedings of the INGCAT International NGO Mobilisation Meeting , Geneva, 15-16 May, 1999.

5. Danger! PR in the Playground - Report on tobacco industry initiatives on youth smoking

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8. Pregnancy and Smoking

9. No Smoking Day - In association with The Coronary Prevention Group

10. Smoking. Maternal Smoking and Medical Expenditure for Childhood Respiratory Illness

11. Quitsmokingsupport.com - Free support and advice to help you to stop smoking for good.

12. Medical News "Smoking May Impair Protection Against Lung Infection in HIV-Positive Individuals".

13. CVS.com - Stop Smoking

14. May 31 - World No Tobacco Day

15. Islamic Ruling on Smoking

A Brief Note: Due to the increasing hazards of smoking to the Health and Economy, the IOMS had found it very necessary to add this page of smoking in its website.