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Proceedings INGCAT International
NGO MObilisation Meeting
Geneva, 15-16 May, 1999.

Table of Contents


Why Are We Here?
Kjell Bjartveit

WHO and NGO Partnerships for Global Tobacco Control
Gro H arlem Brundtland "

Tobacco Control Now and in Future
Judith Mackay

The Urgency of Tobacco Control
Nigel Gray

Why Tobacco Companies Behave as They Do
David Sweanor

Tobacco and Poverty
Mary Assunta

Why People Start Smoking: The Role of Marketing
Gerard Hastings, Lynn MacFadyen, Douglas Eadie

The Psychology of Tobacco Addiction:

Why it is difficult to stop smoking
Jonathan Foulds

Quit and Win: A Global Smoking Cessation Programme
Pekka Puska

The Role of the Private Sector
Elif Dagli

Working for Smoking Cessation
Greg Deener

Partnership and Co-operation to Reduce Tobacco-related Deaths
David Graham

Collaboration between the NGO community and the Pharmaceutical Industry on Tobacco Issues: Adv ntages, Drawbacks and Challenges
Summary of a Discussion

Examples of Coalition Building
Lucinda Wykle-Rosenberg

Motivating NGO Members and Building Coalitions
Emma Must

Measuring Progress at the 11th World Conference on Tobacco or Health
Joe Patterson

NGOs and the Framework Convention
Karen Slama

Background Papers and Working Group Reports

Children Exposed to Tobacco Smoke and to Smoking
Women Resisting the Tobacco Industry
Enabling Education a out Tobacco
Health Care and Smoking Cessation
Human Rights and Consumer Protection 
Sustainable Development

Examples of Tobacco Control at the International Level and in Relation to National Affiliates


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