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Environmental lead exposure, guidelines for quality of treated wastewater in agriculture, survey on children's smoke, environmental health, battle against tobacco, hepatitis B, Director General's response and more articles .....full text
Low-Back PainSource of pain, diagnostic challenges, watchful waiting as treatment, surgical interventions etc... full text
Role of the mosque in confronting the epidemic of substance abuse, changing pattern of drug addiction, narcotics-psychotropic drugs and its hazards etc.... full text
Rediscovering biology, Hamiltonian path problem, seven days in a lab, new field emerges etc..... full text
Genome database, mapping human DNA, gene therapy, weight-loss herb, human genome project, report, news and more.... full text
Islamic view on cloning, cloning for medicine, key fountain of youth, msnbc questions and patenting human life etc., ... full text

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World Health Organization Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean

Latest News on Human Genome


SmokingNarcotics, Smoking Hazards to New Generation, articles on Tobacco and Islamic View on Smoking and more ...

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Anatomy of Reaction Allergies

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An International Conference held by IOMS on ""Rights of Ageing People - An Islamic Perspective" in Kuwait. Recommendations of the Conference, Kuwait Declaration and Report on Euthanasia etc., ... full text
Complementary Medicine Q&A Archives , Alternative Medicine: Vitamins and Supplements with Elizabeth Sutherland , Anthitherapy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, homoeopathic .... full text
History of Islamic Biomedicine, Islamic medicine online, Islamic view of medicine .. more
Encyclopedia of herbs, medicinal plants, herbs catalogue and more links ...
Medical benefits of Islamic Fasting, spiritual and health benefits, fasting from non musilm perspective, fasting prevents from acidity, cancer etc. and more articles with links ......
What is hepatitis? Who gets hepatitis B? How do people get infected? Can chronic hepatitis B and liver cancer be treated? Can chronic hepatitis B and liver cancer be treated? How is WHO trying to control Hepatitis B? etc... full text