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Method appears to have reversed the aging process in cells   Scientists say these cloned cows show signs of being even younger than their chronological ages.


Islamic View on Cloning

Is Cloning Key to Fountain of Youth?

Cloning for Medicine - by Ian Wilmut

MSNBC Qfuestions Dolly's Maker - By Charlene Laino

Patenting human life?



A patent newly issued by the British government appears to cover cloned human cells at the earliest stages of development, when they would in theory be capapble of developing into a human being.

Tetra, the cloned monkey, is born
Scientists said they had cloned a monkey in an experiment they hope will result in squads of genetically indential lab animals perfect for use in testing.

A New twist in cloning tale
Scientists in Hawaii have cloned a trio of identical mice using ordinary cells rather than DNA extracted from the femal reproductive system.

Human clone test succeeds
A South Korean medical research team said it has succeeded in cultivating a human embryo using human cells in what an American expert is calling the first cloning experiment of its kind.