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Alternative Medicine

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Acupuncture May Help Infertile Couples - By Kathleen Doheny, HealthScoutNews Reporter

Casting a cold eye on hot remedies Scientists raising new doubts on popular alternative medicines- By Stephen Smith, Globe Staff, 4/20/2002

Even garlic can be poisonous - By Georgina Kenyon

Green Light for Green Tea - By Colette Bouchez, HealthScoutNews Reporter

Herb ineffective as anti-depressant - St John's Wort is used as a herbal remedy

Herbal Cure's Worth Questioned Findings on St. John's Wort and Depression Revive Old Debate - By Shankar Vedantam, Washington Post Staff Writer.

Herbal supplement weakens cancer drug, scientists say St. John's wort effects last weeks after use stops - Ulysses Torassa, Chronicle Medical Writer

On depression, placebo proves helpful Participants reported St. John's wort was less so. Experts say simply getting help makes a difference. - , Inquirer Staff Writer

Healthcare Realty Check: Scientific based answers to the frequently asked questions on alternative and complementary medicine, books on scientific review of alternative medicine etc.

U-M medical group hunts for evidence that alternative treatments might work April 30, 2002 - By Marty hair free press staff writer

Shops defy 'danger warning' on herbal cure Health food chain refuses to comply with medicines agency advice over remedy linked to liver failure - Sarah Boseley, health editor Friday May 10, 2002 The Guardian

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NCCAM - National Institute of Health: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine details past and current research, and the aims and objective of the organization.