Islamic Code of Medical Ethics

Introduction, definition of medical profession, relation between doctor and patient, doctor-doctor, doctor and society, doctor's duty in war time, doctor and society, responsibility and liability and more ....
Topics in Islamic Medicine
Foreword, What is Islamic Medicine? Historical glimpse, spirit of the Red Cross in the teachings of Islam, Abortion, Sterilization, and more ....
Ethics and Human Values
Introduction, foreword, preface, the experience of CIOMS and WHO, talking to each other and reflections, prospects and more ......
Religion and Science
Relation between Religion and Science , limitation ,intentions of Natural Science , the need of islam to science etc. .... full text
Islamic Values and Ethics
God says about Quran ..It (Quran) is a:-guide and a healing to those who believe" (S.41: V. 44). Religion plays a significant role in satisfying our physical as well as spiritual needs ....... full text

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Int'l Conference on "Islamic Code for Medical and Health Ethics" 11-14 December 2004, Cairo, Egypt.

Islamic Code of Medical Ethics

Topics in Islamic Medicine

When the Female Infant, Buried Alive, is questioned for What Crime was She Killed? - In the 20th Century. - By Dr. Omar Alfi, and Maher Hathout, U.S.A.

Islamic Values and Ethics in Prevention and Treatment of Emotional Disorders. - By Dr. Basheer Ahmed, U.S.A.

Health Policy, Ethics and Human Values - An Islamic Perspective : Reflections on the Cairo Seminar

Sex Education - An Islamic Perspective

Islamic View on Death & Dying - Virginia Tech. (US)

Religion and Science: An Outlook on Moral Values