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1. Islamic Perspectives in Obstetrics & Gynaecology - By Prof. Hassan Hathout

2. "The Medical Definition of Death" A Symposium Held in Kuwait 17-19 December 1996 .

3. Forbidden and unclean ingredients or Substances (Nagassah) in Food Stuffs and Medicine. (Second Part:Recommendations of the 8th Fiqh-Medical Seminar):

 4. The AIDS Crisis :A natural product of modernity's  sexual  revolution   - By Prof. Malik Al Badri.

5. "AIDS-related social problems  ---   An Islamic Perspective" - A Seventh Islamic Medical Seminar Held in Kuwait from 6-8 December, 1993.

6. Transformation, Additives in Food and Medicine, and Substances, Actions that Nullify the Fasting: (Recommendations of the 9th Fiqh-Medical Seminar)

7. Third Medical Jurisprudence Symposium on "The Islamic Vision of some Medical Practices" (Recommendations & Papers presented in the meeting)

8. Human Reproduction in Islam

9. Organ Transplantation - An Islamic Perspective

10. Human Life Its Inception And End As Viewed By Islam

11. Gentetics, Genetic Engineering, the Human Genes, and Genetic Treatment